I think it is really important that education and training in sleep and sleep disorders is included as part of the core curriculum for all health professionals, as well as being a specialist area of practice which some will pursue at an advanced level 

To my mind it is inconceivable that sleep problems will not ‘come up’ as an important factor in every aspect of health care, so in that sense sleep is every clinician’s business, so I enjoy providing workshops for practitioners that provide an overview of how to assess and manage insomnia in everyday practice

  • At Oxford we have developed a flexible fully online programme in sleep medicine that caters for all levels of needs and interest. People can take a module or modules, complete a Diploma or a Masters degree with us
  • And it’s not just in healthcare that sleep is important. For many years my team in Oxford has taken an interest in sleep during the adolescent years, and developed materials that can be used in schools to incorporate sleep into the high school curriculum