• I am a firm believer in evidence-based clinical practice. People benefit most from interventions that are rigorously tested in clinical trials; yet are firmly grounded in the real-world. People with mental health difficulties need and deserve treatments that really work.



    • Along with the colleagues and teams I have been privileged to work with, I believe we have enrolled the greatest number of participants in clinical trials of insomnia. Well done all! We must never stop conducting research
    • I am proud that CBTx (not medication) has emerged as the first choice treatment for chronic insomnia in clinical guidelines in the USA, UK and Europe

My encouragement to those starting out:

    • My first papers, in the mid-1980s, were case studies of patients. My earliest paper on insomnia illustrates this.  Don’t feel that you need to get external grant funding to contribute:  be a scientist-practitioner by default